REV Grips - Race Series Shock Absorbing Grip System

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This is Rev Grips Race Series Shock Absorbing Grip System.  They took a completely new angle on this product.  This is simply a more economical suspension grip that preserves as much performance as possible.  They got rid of the clamp lightening process and you won’t find any hex wrenches or extra parts in the box either.  These grips are equipped with a Shock Absorbing Elastomer that puts you in the Medium-Soft tuning range without the use of tuning washers (which are available separately).  What they have here is a Bare Bones version of our Shock Absorbing Grip System at a more affordable price.  Some assembly required. 

All parts are upgrade-able and interchangeable between Race and Pro Series so you can add colored grips, lightened clamps, or adjustable feel at any time.

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