PNW Components - Rainier IR Dropper Post

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Have you ever seen Mt. Rainier? It’s pretty neat, and while the Rainier Dropper Post isn’t quite as majestic, it’s pretty neat too. This dropper post is built around the motto, “set it and forget it.” Its coil spring system makes it one of the most reliable seat posts on the market, so you’re guaranteed to have smooth actuation when you’re switching from climb to descend and back again. This super smooth model now comes with more travel options, giving you plenty of space between your bum and the seat when you’re in those steep, tech sections.

Plus, you can find sweet upgrades to the Rainier’s OG dropper design on the  posts featuring 150mm of travel. These models have larger diameter stanchions, making them stiffer and lighter, and an added DU bushing to combat seat wobble... because lets face it, the only thing that should be wobbly on your bike are your legs after a long ride.

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