Industry Nine Frequency Adjust Ratchet Technology Knob

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In case you missed I9’s April Foolery, they released a video (below) featuring their “all-new Frequency Adjust Ratchet Technology,” aka FART. The fake tech offered rider adjustable hub volume, which naturally goes all the way up to 11. According to Industry Nine, the response to the gag video was more than they anticipated. So they decided to make the novelty endcap “knob” a reality, even if it doesn’t really do anything. They are only on sale for a limited time, April 17th-24th, and fit Hydra and Torch rear hubs with 12x axles only (excluding 12×135 or 12×150). $25 from every endcap sale goes to support Asheville, NC area musicians and performing artists who are currently out of work due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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