Fubars Cutlass Riser Bar, 31.8mm Diameter, 35mm Rise, 800mm Width,Black and Gray

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The Cutlass has been completely rebuilt from the ground up for 2020. Constructed using a premium unidirectional carbon weave, but with an updated layup schedule and forming process, Chromg continues to focus on strength and reliability as our priorities.

The 2020 Cutlass is one of the strongest carbon bars on the market today, going well beyond ISO standards. It passes the renowned Zedler Institute's most rigorous tests, including multi-load fatigue, max strength and end of life.

The 2020 Cutlass is now 800mm wide with backsweep increased to 9°. It continues to come in the classic 25mm rise but they’ve also added a 35mm version for those who want a little more lift up front.

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