Cane Creek Helm Air Tapered Boost 27.5", 160mm - Black NLS

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  • Compression and midvalve circuit offer increased support and control
  • SKF oil seal head cartridge and wiper seals are low friction
  • The redesigned air spring offers increased air volume for better traction and suppleness
  • The threadless air seal head allows for easier travel change
  • Damping features include: high speed compression, low speed compression, and low speed rebound
  • Adjustment options include: high speed compression (10 positions), low speed compression (17 positions), Low speed rebound (10 positions), independent positive air spring, independent negative air spring, and an indexed travel system (8 positions)
  • Double-Air spring system: high volume positive and negative air springs
  • "D-Loc" 15mm bolt-on thru axle
  • Wheel Size: 27.5"
  • Positive Spring: Air
  • Brake Type: Disc
  • External Adjustments: High Speed Compression Damping, Low Speed Compression Damping, Rebound Damping
  • Crown Race: 40
  • Negative Spring: Air
  • Stanchion Diameter: 35mm
  • Steerer Type: Tapered
  • Offset: 44mm
  • Front Axle: 15mm x 110mm "Boost" Thru Axle
  • S.H.I.S. Stem Clamp Diameter: 28.6
  • Travel: choose; 150mm, or 160mm
  • Weight: 2,070g.
  • Color: Gloss Black
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